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September 5, 2022

It’s that time of the year and your car needs an MOT. The mechanics hand the keys back to you with a frustrating extra charge for a small issue that you weren’t even aware of. It is not significant, however, this issue stops the running of your car to its optimal level and if left neglected could completely halt the running of your car. This issue sounds only too familiar with the way some of us treat our body…


Physiotherapists are becoming less of “just a go to” for when injury strikes


Physiotherapists are becoming less of “just a go to” for when injury strikes and more of a popular source of advice with regards to the mechanics of the human body.  This is known as proactive physiotherapy and is certainly not just for athletes. It is something for all of us.


As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Proactive physiotherapy is an undervalued aspect of wellness. Any programme or intervention that can improve your current physical and emotional health will in the long run decrease the possibility of incurring an injury or illness. Many aspects of today’s society are detrimental to our physical health. We live in communities where we have longer commute times, longer working hours and less time for physical activity.



Investing time into proactive measures can help us to stay injury free and perform better. So why aren’t more of us doing it?


Pain and discomfort are certainly something all of us want to avoid. We unfortunately only seem to seek help when the pain has got to an unbearable level. Believing that the old school ethos of “rest will solve all” certainly is not the answer. This can, in fact, prolong our problem.


How can we help?


At Flow Physio London, a wellness plan is put in place to ensure that we understand your whole body. We assess posture, spine and joint mobility, strength, flexibility and endurance. Through assessment we are then able to re-evaluate where you are currently and the steps that need to be taken to optimise your health and performance.


Other areas we can also help in include:

  • Fitness testing and exercise programme design
  • Cardio vascular exercise programmes
  • Sport specific conditioning
  • Injury prevention
  • Falls prevention
  • Prevention and management of injury in the workplace
  • Pre operative rehabilitation for joint replacement/ reconstructive surgery.
  • Pre operative rehabilitation for general surgery



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Flow Physio London is a tranquil space offering a bespoke, holistic approach to physiotherapy and wellness optimisation. A service offering cutting edge research driven treatment techniques to deliver results whilst being inspired by a desire to help people. Flow Physio London aims to fuse interior design providing a clean crisp feel with warmth creating a healing environment. We have a wealth of knowledge treating musculoskeletal injuries, post op orthopaedic rehabilitation and sports injuries.

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